Hachioji City Cyber Silk Road sponsored as a lecturer at a serious foundation cram school.

Our station (Tsubune) has entered as a lecturer at a serious foundation cram sponsored by cyber silk road in Hachioji city.

What is cyber silk road?

Hachioji City, the Hachioji Chamber of Commerce and Industry, enterprises, universities and residents have been united, and the organization was established to form an attractive industrial city “Hachioji” by maximizing the use of abundant resources in the region.



What is serious foundation cram school?

Hachioji City, the Hachioji Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and financial institutions are united, and is a human resources development project implemented for those who intend to establish and start a business. “Brush up course” which brushes up more practical marketing and business plan tailored to the aspiring industry, mainly focusing on “start-up course” learning basic founding know-how, and expert “business helping party” are participants We will back up strongly to realize your “dream” such as “accompanying type support” to work on solving problems until the establishment together.




The content of this performance is World Cafe

Mr. Sawai who is a business helping team became a facilitator, and the instructor answered questions and questions of the desire of the entrepreneur of each table as a host.

Our company got questions from students because it was a web production company, and yet it was specialized in music entertainment.

How was it started and how did you come to work?
How much is the unit price? It was time to answer questions that tend to be in the seed period till a vivid question.


I explained the business outline of our main business Mytribute and started to ask questions from students interested in multicultural understanding, internationalization, music entertainment.

Feedback to numerous business ideas, case examples of similar services for minimum start, and substantial advice to those who have not yet decided on business contents can be talked about a lot
It was also a wonderful time to recall the passion of the seed period again.