Hachioji City Cyber Silk Road sponsored as a lecturer at a serious foundation cram school.

Our station (Tsubune) has entered as a lecturer at a serious foundation cram sponsored by cyber silk road in Hachioji city. What is cyber silk road? Hachioji City, the Hachioji Chamber of Commerce and Industry, enterprises, universities and residents have been united, and the organization was established to form an attractive industrial city “Hachioji” by […]

A selling artist knows the usage method of selling WEB

Hello (‘ω’) ノ It is the station of the artist’s friend MakeOrigin (Tsubo) (‘ω’) ノ Today, I would like to tell you, is the artist who sells really only musical ability? That is. The troubles of artists are not exhausted. “I wonder if more live customers will increase ~” “Not worth more attention!” Etc. Of […]