A selling artist knows the usage method of selling WEB

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Today, I would like to tell you, is the artist who sells really only musical ability? That is.

The troubles of artists are not exhausted.
“I wonder if more live customers will increase ~” “Not worth more attention!” Etc.

Of course it is a premise that “selling good music and selling” is a major premise, but what are the artists who have many customers attracted and sold on the web? I would like to summarize the article as an article.

Four steps for artists to increase the number of customers

1: Enrichment of contents when I got to know

2: Technology to get people interested in familiar people

3: Technology that people in red are interested in

4: Devices to connect from customers to fans

1: Enrichment of contents when I got to know

· Preparation of material of advertisement material (artist photo, sentences to sell, topicality)
First of all, when you promote, you need to have your name, what kind of appearance you are and what kind of music you are doing. Attractiveness that pushes play button of music and willingness to purchase are often obtained from evaluation of name, appearance, word of mouth, media, etc. Unusual names and frequently asked names are memorable. Besides that, I have never been able to self – analyze and briefly introduce myself about “what kind of genre” and “what sort of things are selling”. Ideally I could write POP advertisements on my CDs by myself.
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· Create homepage
It would be nice to have a platform for smooth access to people who want information.And as with the company, the presence or absence of the homepage may lead to the reliability of the band and the artist.
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· Preparation of SNS account (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LINE @ etc.)
SNS account that can be created easily and free of charge. There are so many users who are using it on a daily basis now. It is not only among friends but also as a trigger for approach and contact to people who do not know at all.

2: Technology to get people interested in familiar people

First of all, friends, family members, and local people are the subjects to become core fans.
If you have familiar artists, you want to ask if there is something.

· Friends, family

Why do not you give the songs to your friends and family on their birthday or anniversary? I’m sure that you will be surprised and cheer for gifts that you do not have so far.

· Regional people

Are you checking all the local festivals and events? It is very pleasing for the adults in the area to see the local artists playing active and flying.
Let’s investigate the stage fence at the festival and the event of the region immediately.

3: Technology that people in red are interested in

· Free release on Youtube and Nico Nico video posting sites and Soundcloud etc.
Even if you do not buy a CD, listening to music free of charge can also say that you are widening the entrance to stepping into unknown music. Because it is easy to share to other SNS, it is very good as a promotion tool for musicians.
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· Announcement at SNS
While introducing musical pieces in real time, you can also encourage access to Youtube, homepages etc mentioned above. Although there is no sustainability of information, it can be said that it is suitable for releasing and event notifying etc. because there is very immediate effect.
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· Blog, Mail Magazine Delivery
When simple SNS starts to spread, blogs and marl magazines have become somewhat far away, but they also have the merit that they can be read without being buried in new information than SNS.
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· Produce and distribute promotional products such as posters and flyers (own live, live venues of similar genres, media etc)
People who frequently go to the live show unexpectedly see the posters of live houses and concert halls. There is a good possibility that a flyer distributed at the entrance will be an opportunity for interest. Of course ordinary people can also order orders from the dealers at reasonable prices, and since it is possible to reprint even printers and convenience store copy machines at home, the hurdles are not high.
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· Street Activities
It is a difficult point to secure a place, but guerrilla live on the street can be made to listen to unspecified number of people without money. And if you adopt a burglary style you get direct income, CDs sometimes sell better on the street than shops.
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· Participate in the audition
The opportunity to have opinions and evaluations by professional people and to be able to look back at their music objectively is very valuable. In addition, if it is an audition that can make the audience ahead of you, it will also trigger you to know your music.
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· Live distribution (Ustream, NicoNico Live broadcast, twitcasting etc.)
Since comments can be written in real time on real time delivery, communication with viewers becomes possible and engagement can be enhanced.


· SNS paid advertisement
Actually, advertisements displayed in news feeds etc. can be issued at low cost (from Facebook for minimum 100 yen). Of course, in order to raise the advertising effect or to continue it, it is necessary to have a low cost as it is, but since some target can be narrowed down, it is very efficient. You can also let the followers of those who reacted to the advertisement display it.
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·Press release
Press release is a means of announcing information for news organizations and the mass media. It is basically free, but it is difficult to pick it up. However, if it can be taken up to music information sites, news sites, etc., it becomes an article without advertisement, so it is considered to lead to more reliability and attention.
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· Use Cloud Funding
It is this service that recruits patrons (those who contribute funds) to the projects and ideas launched. I want to live in a big hall! I want to put out a new CD or MV! Although there are infinite ideas and so on, it is an advantage that many unspecified people can see such project by posting it to the service site.

4: Devices to connect collected customers to customers

· Collect accounts such as e-mail address and SNS when conducting questionnaire
Sometimes analogous and legendary methods are also effective. By conducting a questionnaire as a trigger to get songs and live impressions etc., by having a roster such as a mail address and SNS account there, it is easier to receive information than people who do not have any contacts.
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· Merchandise (sound source, goods, etc.)
Not only sales of tickets, but also merchandise sales revenue is an important source of income in activities. Demand increases as more designs and functionality are available, so people who are wearing them become advertisement towers just by including names in T-shirts and caps.


What do you think? I think that there were many things I knew.
If there are items which are not obediently done among them, please try it by all means!
It should surely work.